1840 Census Index – Connecticut

“Cobb and Cobbs”


NAME               TOWNSHIP           COUNTY


William Cobb            Wilton                  Fairfield


Chester Copp            Southington             Hartford


James Cobb              Colebrook               Litchfield

Nathaniel Cobb          Colebrook               Litchfield

Lucina K. Cabe          Goshen                  Litchfield

Charles Cobb            Salisbury               Litchfield

Allen Cobb              Winchester              Litchfield


Heman Cobb              Chester                 Middlesex

Austin Cobb             Clinton                 Middlesex


Belton A. Copp          Groton                  New London

Henry Cob               Lebanon                 New London

Isaac Cobb              Lyme                    New London

Charles Cobb            New London              New London

Amos E. Cobb            Norwich                 New London

Amos Cobb               Norwich                 New London

John H. Copp            Stonington              New London

Samuel Copp             Stonington              New London

Ebenezer Cobb           Stonington              New London

Mary Cobb               Stonington              New London


Joel Cobb               Mansfield               Tolland

Daniel Cobb             Tolland                 Tolland

Luther Cobb             Tolland                 Tolland


Susan Copp              Killingly               Windham


Miles Copps             Cheshire                New Haven

Caleb Copes             Cheshire                New Haven

John Cobus              New Haven               New Haven

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