1810 Census Index - North Carolina

Cobb and variant spellings





John Cobb         Unknown           Anson


Charles Cobb      Bertie            Beaufort

James Cobb        Bertie            Beaufort

Thomas Cobb       Bertie            Beaufort

Joseph H. Cobb    Bertie            Beaufort

Henry Cobb Jr     Bertie            Beaufort

Henry Cobb Sr     Bertie            Beaufort

James Cobb        Bertie            Beaufort

James Cobb Sr     Bertie            Beaufort

Elizabeth Cobb    Bertie            Beaufort

Nathan Cobb       Bertie            Beaufort


Benjamin Cobb     Unknown           Burke

William Cobb      Unknown           Burke


Abe Cobb          Unknown           Caswell

Betsey Cobb       Unknown           Caswell

James Cobb        Unknown           Caswell

John Cobb         Unknown           Caswell

Levy Cobb         Unknown           Caswell

Mathew Cobb       Unknown           Caswell

William Cobb      Unknown           Caswell

Samuel Cobb       Unknown           Caswell


Dawson Cobb       Unknown           Edgecombe

Edward Cobb       Unknown           Edgecombe

Texas Cobb        Unknown           Edgecombe

Thomas Cubb       Unknown           Edgecombe

Edward Cobb       Unknown           Edgecombe

Stephen Cobb      Unknown           Edgecombe

John Cobb         Unknown           Edgecombe

Sampson Cobb      Unknown           Edgecombe

Josiah Cobb       Unknown           Edgecombe

Silah Cobb        Unknown           Edgecombe


Jesse Cobb        Unknown           Franklin


Henry Cobb        Unknown           Guilford

J. Cobb           Unknown           Guilford


Archibald Cobb    Unknown           Iredell


John Cobb         Unknown           Lenoir

Elizabeth Cobb    Unknown           Lenoir


James Cobb        Unknown           Lincoln

John Cobb         Unknown           Lincoln

Ralph Cobb        Unknown           Lincoln

Widow Cobb        Unknown           Lincoln

Sally Cobb        Unknown           Lincoln

William Cobb      Unknown           Lincoln

Shade Cobb        Unknown           Lincoln


Hardy Cobb        Unknown           Martin


John P. Cobb      Unknown           Montgomery


Benjamin Cob      Unknown           Nash


Martha Cobb       Unknown           Northampton

Robert Cobb       Unknown           Northampton


Kinchen Cobb      Unknown           Pitt

William Cobb      Unknown           Pitt

Harman Cobb       Unknown           Pitt

Martha Cobb       Unknown           Pitt

Moses Cobb        Unknown           Pitt

Reuben Cobb       Unknown           Pitt


James Cobb        Unknown           Rutherford

Reddon Cobb       Unknown           Rutherford

Grey Cobb         Unknown           Rutherford


Lucy Kop          Unknown           Stokes


John B. Cobb      Unknown           Wayne

Stephen Cobb      Unknown           Wayne

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