1820 Census Index - North Carolina

Cobb and variant spellings





Marmaduke Cobb    Unknown           Anson


Charles Cobb      Unknown           Bertie

Henry Cobb        Unknown           Bertie

James Cobb        Unknown           Bertie

John H. Cobb      Unknown           Bertie

Joseph Cobb       Unknown           Bertie

Elisha Cobb       Unknown           Bertie

Thomas Cobb       Unknown           Bertie

William Cobb      Unknown           Bertie

James Cobb        Unknown           Bertie

Charles Cobb Jr   Unknown           Bertie


Norris Cobb       Unknown           Burke

John Cobb         Unknown           Burke


Henry Cobb Esq    Unknown           Caswell


Jesse Ceab        Unknown           Chatham


Orman Cobb        Unknown           Edgecombe

Edwin Cobb        Unknown           Edgecombe

Edward Cobb       Unknown           Edgecombe

John Cobb         Unknown           Edgecombe

Stephen Cobb      Unknown           Edgecombe

Jonas Cobb        Unknown           Edgecombe

Josiah Cobb       Unknown           Edgecombe

Eaton Cobb        Unknown           Edgecombe

John Cobb         Unknown           Edgecombe

Harman Cobb       Unknown           Edgecombe

Thomas Cobb       Unknown           Edgecombe

Dawson Cobb       Unknown           Edgecombe

Amos Cobb         Unknown           Edgecombe


Jesse H. Cobb     Unknown           Granville


George Cobb       Unknown           Guilford

Fredrick Cobb     Unknown           Guilford

Henry Cobb        Unknown           Guilford

Jacob Cobb        Unknown           Guilford

John Cobb         Unknown           Guilford

Paul Cobb         Unknown           Guilford

Valentine Cobb    Unknown           Guilford

Paul Cobb #2      Unknown           Guilford

Daniel Cobb       Unknown           Guilford

Elizabeth Cobb    Unknown           Guilford

Jacob Cobb        Unknown           Guilford

Mary Cobb         Unknown           Guilford


George B. Cobb    Unknown           Halifax


Henry Cob         Unknown           Haywood

John Cob          Unknown           Haywood


Elizabeth Cobb    Unknown           Lenoir

John Cobb         Unknown           Lenoir


Joseph Cobb       Unknown           Lincoln

Shadrick Cobb     Unknown           Lincoln

Starling Cobb     Unknown           Lincoln

Walter Cobb       Unknown           Lincoln

Ambrose Cobb      Unknown           Lincoln

Robert Cobb       Unknown           Lincoln

William Cobb      Unknown           Lincoln

Henry Cobb        Unknown           Lincoln

William Cobb #2   Unknown           Lincoln


Hardy Cobb        Unknown           Northampton

Solomon Cobb      Unknown           Northampton


Thomas R. Cobb    Unknown           Pasquotank


Kinchin Cobb      Unknown           Pitt

William Cobb      Unknown           Pitt

Charles Cobb      Unknown           Pitt

Richmond Cobb     Unknown           Pitt

Kisire Cobb       Unknown           Pitt

Mathew Cobb       Unknown           Pitt

Lary Cabb         Unknown           Pitt


William C. Cobb   Unknown           Rockingham


Reading Cobb      Unknown           Sampson

James Cobb        Unknown           Sampson

Gray Cobb         Unknown           Sampson

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