1830 Census Index - North Carolina

Cobb and variant spellings





Elisha Cobb       Unknown           Bertie

Henry Cobb        Unknown           Bertie

Henry K. Cobb     Unknown           Bertie

Thomas Cobb       Unknown           Bertie

James Cobb        Unknown           Bertie

John H. Cobb      Unknown           Bertie

William Cobb      Unknown           Bertie

Thomas Cobb #2    Unknown           Bertie

Harmon Cobb       Unknown           Bertie

Charles Cobb      Unknown           Bertie

William Cobb #2   Unknown           Bertie


John Cabb         1st/2nd Regt      Burke


Hugh Cobb         Unknown           Caswell

Joseph K. Cobb    Unknown           Caswell

Noah Cobb         Unknown           Caswell

Henry Cobb Sr     Unknown           Caswell

Jane Cobb         Unknown           Caswell

Noah Cobb Jr      Unknown           Caswell

Nancy Cobb        Unknown           Caswell

Ebenezer Cobb     Unknown           Caswell

Henry Cobb        Unknown           Caswell

James Cobb Sr     Unknown           Caswell

Robert M. Cobb    Unknown           Caswell

William Cobb      Unknown           Caswell

Samuel C. Cobb    Unknown           Caswell

John Cobb Sr      Unknown           Caswell

Mary Cobb         Unknown           Caswell


Anthony Cobb      Neilly Creek      Cumberland


John Cob          Unknown           Currituck


Edward Cobb       Dist 10           Edgecombe

Mary Cobb         Dist 10           Edgecombe

Easton Cobb       Dist 11           Edgecombe

John Cobb         Dist 11           Edgecombe

Amos Cobb         Dist 17           Edgecombe

Orman Cobb        Dist 05           Edgecombe

James Cobb        Dist 06           Edgecombe

Frederick Cobb    Dist 07           Edgecombe

Grey Cobb         Dist 07           Edgecombe

John Cobb         Dist 07           Edgecombe

Jonas Cobb        Dist 08           Edgecombe


Moses Cobb        Unknown           Greene


David Cobb        Unknown           Guilford

John Cobb         Unknown           Guilford

Henry Cobb        Unknown           Guilford

Valentine Cobb    Unknown           Guilford

William Cobb      Unknown           Guilford

Jacob Cobb        Unknown           Guilford

John Cobb         Unknown           Guilford

Lewis Cobb        Unknown           Guilford


Alfred Cobb       Unknown           Haywood


Willie Cobb       Unknown           Johnston


John Cobb         Unknown           Lenoir


Robert Cobb       Unknown           Lincoln

William Cobb      Unknown           Lincoln

James Cobb        Unknown           Lincoln

Sheldrake Cobb    Unknown           Lincoln

Abrase Cobb       Unknown           Lincoln

John Cobb         Unknown           Lincoln

Philip Cobb       Unknown           Lincoln

Sterling Cobb     Unknown           Lincoln


Hardy Cobb        Unknown           Martin


John Cob Sr       Unknown           Moore

Charity Cob       Unknown           Moore


Hardy Cobb        Unknown           Northampton

Littleberry Cobb  Unknown           Northampton

Deberry Cobb      Unknown           Northampton


Thomas Cape       N. Dist           Orange

Jacob Cabb        N. Dist           Orange

John Cabe         Unknown           Orange

Jeremiah Cabe     Unknown           Orange

Jane Cabe         Unknown           Orange


Charles Cob       Harris Dist       Pitt

Kepiah Cob        Harris Dist       Pitt

Richmond Cob      Harris Dist       Pitt

Sampson Cob       Harris Dist       Pitt

Stephen Cob       Harris Dist       Pitt

Uris Cob          Harris Dist       Pitt

Allen Cobb        Harris Dist       Pitt

Harmon Cobb       Harris Dist       Pitt

Josiah Cobb       Harris Dist       Pitt

Sarah Cobb        Tisons Dist       Pitt


Gray Cobb         Unknown           Robeson

Alexander Cobb    Unknown           Robeson


William G. Cobb   Unknown           Rockingham

Matthew Cobb      Unknown           Rockingham


Jesse Cobb        Unknown           Rutherford


Jacob Copp        Unknown           Surry


Thomas Cobb       Raleigh, West     Wake


Enoch Cobb        Westfield Dist    Wayne

Thomas Cobb       Hamilton Dist     Wayne

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