1810 Census Index - New York

Cobb and variant spellings



NAME               TOWNSHIP           COUNTY


Benjamin Cobb           Unknown                 Albany

Henry B. Cobb           Unknown                 Albany


Amasa Cobb              Unknown                 Cayuga


Josiah Cob              Unknown                 Delaware


Avet Cobb               Unknown                 Dutchess


Elizabeth Cobb          Unknown                 Essex

Matthias Cobb           Unknown                 Essex


James Cabb              Unknown                 Franklin


Ithamer Cob             Unknown                 Greene

Asa Cob                 Unknown                 Greene


Mathias Cobb            Unknown                 Herkimer


David Cobb              Unknown                 Lewis

Ezra Cobb               Unknown                 Lewis


D. Cobb                 Unknown                 Madison


Andrew Cop              Unknown                 New York

Oliver Cobb             Unknown                 New York


W. Cobb                 Unknown                 Oneida

S. Cobb                 Unknown                 Oneida

T. Copp                 Unknown                 Oneida

W. Cobb #2              Unknown                 Oneida


David Cobb              Unknown                 Onondaga

William Cobb            Unknown                 Onondaga

Daniel Copp             Unknown                 Onondaga

Jesse Copp              Unknown                 Onondaga

Timothy Copp            Unknown                 Onondaga

Daniel Cobb #2          Unknown                 Onondaga

Stephen Cobb            Unknown                 Onondaga

Content Cobb            Unknown                 Onondaga

Elnathan Cobb           Unknown                 Onondaga


John Cobb               Unknown                 Ontario

Ansel Cob               Unknown                 Ontario

John Cobb #2            Unknown                 Ontario

Elijah Cibb             Unknown                 Ontario

Abner W. Cob            Unknown                 Ontario

George Cobb             Unknown                 Ontario

John Cobb               Unknown                 Ontario

Jonathan Cobb           Unknown                 Ontario


Noah Cobb               Unknown                 Orange

Henry Cobb              Unknown                 Orange


Pardon Cob              Unknown                 Rensselaer

Abraham Cob             Unknown                 Rensselaer

Thomas Cob              Unknown                 Rensselaer


Ebenezer Cobb           Unknown                 Schenectady

Ebenezer Cobb #2        Unknown                 Schenectady


Lemuel Cobb             Unknown                 Seneca


William Cobb            Unknown                 Suffolk


Samuel Copp             Unknown                 Ulster

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