1880 Census Oregon

Cobb and Variant Spellings



Name Rel Race Age Born Occ Fath Moth


Pleasant Valley, Baker County

Benson Cobb Self W 24 KY KY KY



Myrtle Creek Township, Douglas County

Alfred Cobb Self W 35 MO Sheep -- --

Martha Cobb Wife W 30 OR KY OH

William Cobb Son W 09 CA MO OR

John Cobb Son W 05 CA MO OR

Otey Son W 03 OR MO OR

Sarah Cobb Dau W 1M OR MO OR



Monumental, Grant County

John Cobb Self W 40 OR Miner NY NY



John Day Township, Grant County

Charles Cobb Self W 42 MI Butcher NY NY

M.E. Cobb Wife W 36 MI NY NY

E.S. Cobb Oth W 32 MI NY NY



60th ED, Lake County

Benjamin M. Cobb Self W 32 MA Sheep MA MA



Portland, Multnomah County

H. Koppe Self W 24 Holland Holland Holland



Cottonwood, Umatilla County

Jacob Cop Self W 56 Holland Holland Holland

P. Nellie Cop Wife W 60 Prussia Prussia Prussia



East Chehalem, Yamhill County

David Copp Self W 56 Eng Eng Eng

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