Cobb and Cobbs

1810 Tennessee Census Index

Compiled from Tax Lists and other sources

(List not checked for completeness or accuracy.)




                                                            Given Name                           County


                                                            James                                     Lincoln

                                                            John                                        Bedford

                                                            John                                        Davidson

                                                            John                                        Grainger

                                                            Richard                                   Grainger

                                                            Wilson                                     Smith

                                                            Adam                                      Anderson

                                                            Asa                                          Roane

                                                            Caswell                                   Anderson

                                                            Charlotte Matilda                  Smith

                                                            Etheldred                                Carter

                                                            Hannah                                   Montgomery

                                                            Harvey                                    Smith

                                                            Howel                                      Grainger

                                                            Howell                                     Jefferson

                                                            Jesse                                       Grainger

                                                            Jesse                                       Roane

                                                            Joel                                         Hawkins

                                                            John                                        Lincoln

                                                            Joseph                                    Grainger

                                                            Joseph                                    Grainger

                                                            Joseph (JP)                             Grainger

                                                            Joseph, Esq                            Grainger

                                                            Lewis                                      Smith

                                                            Pharo                                      Carter

                                                            Rebecca                                  Anderson

                                                            Rice                                        Grainger

                                                            Richard C.                              Anderson

                                                            Richard C.                              Knox

                                                            Richard C.                              Anderson

                                                            Sebbe                                      Smith

                                                            Thomas                                   Grainger

                                                            William                                   Anderson

                                                            William                                   Hawkins

                                                            William                                   Smith

                                                            William Pharoah                     Knox


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