“Cobb and Cobbs”

1820 Virginia Census Index

Additions? Corrections?

(Submitted by Richard McMurtry)



                   NAME                    COUNTY   


Sally Cobb                Accomack

William Cobb              Accomack


Thomas Cobb               Amelia


Josiah Cob                Augusta


Charles Cobbs             Bedford

Tilghman A. Cobbs         Bedford

James Cobbs               Bedford

Charles G. Cobbs          Bedford

Jesse Cobb                Bedford

John Cobb                 Bedford

John Cobb                 Bedford

Taswell Cobb              Bedford

Waddy Cobb                Bedford

Edmund Cobb               Bedford


Nicholas C. Cobbs         Buckingham

Nicholas C. Cobbs         Buckingham

Nelson Cobbs              Buckingham

Thomas Cobbs              Buckingham

David Cobbs               Buckingham

Augustus Cobbs            Buckingham

John Cobbs                Buckingham

Richard Cobbs             Buckingham


Robert Cobbs              Campbell

Thomas A. Cobbs           Campbell

Thomas Cobbs              Campbell

William T. Cobbs          Campbell

John Cobbs                Campbell


David Cobb Sr             Caroline

John Cobb                 Caroline

Lewis Cobb                Caroline

Matthew Cobb              Caroline

Overton Cobb              Caroline

Walker Cobb               Caroline


Peter N. Cobb             Chesterfield

John Cobb                 Chesterfield

Samuel Cobbs              Chesterfield


John Cobb                 Halifax

Samuel Cobb               Halifax

John Cobbs                Halifax

Wilks Cobbs               Halifax


Thomas Cobbs              Hancock


Samuel Cobb               Henrico


Fleming Cobb              Kanawha

Thomas Cobb               Kanawha

George Cobb               Kanawha

Hiram Cobbs               Kanawha


Nathaniel Cobb            King William


John P. Cobbs             Nelson


Southey Cobb              Northampton


Benjamin Cobb             Southampton

Britton Cobb              Southampton

Burguine Cobb             Southampton

Frederick Cobb            Southampton

Jeremiah Cobb             Southampton

Josiah Cobb               Southampton

Lazarus Cobb              Southampton

Milly Cobb                Southampton

Nicholas Cobb             Southampton

Redman Cobb               Southampton

Shadrack Cobb             Southampton

Lemuel Cobb               Southampton

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