“Cobb and Cobbs”

1840 Virginia Census Index

(This list has not been checked for completeness and accuracy.)



                                                            NAME                                    COUNTY



                                                            Alford Cobb                            Southampton

                                                            Benjamin Cobb                       Southampton

                                                            Britton Cobb                           Southampton

                                                            Dicy Cobb                               Southampton

                                                            Benjamin Cobb                       Southampton

                                                            Harrison Cobb                        Southampton

                                                            James Cobb                            Southampton

                                                            Jeremiah Cobb                       Southampton

                                                            Jesse Cobb                             Southampton

                                                            Jethro Cobb                            Southampton

                                                            Kinchen Cobb                         Southampton

                                                            Leonard Cobb                        Southampton

                                                            Lewis W. Cobb                       Southampton

                                                            Lucy Cobb                              Southampton

                                                            Patsey Cobb                           Southampton

                                                            Silvia Cobb                             Southampton

                                                            William Cobb                          Southampton

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