Miscellaneous Georgia Land Records

“Cobb and Cobbs”



Columbia County


April 15, 1796

Ezekiel COBB of Columbia County, GA to James COBB of same for 20 pounds, 66 acres & 2/3, surveyed for Rachel COBB.  Ezekiel COBB (SEAL) Witness: Francis GRUBBS, Elizabeth JONES.  Recorded June 13, 1796.


October 3, 1796

John MAY, James COBB, Balaam MAY, Beckom MAY, Elizabeth MAY, Mary MAY, and Sarah MAY of Wilkes Co., GA to Isaac BALL, of same, for 200 pounds, land on Bever Dam Creek, bound by Samuel NEWMAN, Joseph MAY, Isaac BALL, William HEATHRON, 600 acres by Est. John MAY, Balaam MAY, James COBB, Susannah COBB.  Witness: William AVERIT, Jonathan YOUNGBLOOD, Elisha PRUITT, Rebeckah BALL.

Recorded August 27, 1796.




Warren County


May 9, 1796

Rachel MCCULLERS, of Warren County, to James COBB, of same, for 100 pounds 133 1/3 acres, being part of a tract surveyed for Rachel COBB (now Rachel MCCULLERS) and granted August 13, 1788

Rachel MCCULLERS (SEAL) Witness: Absalom COBB, Jacob COBB.  Recorded June 7, 1796



Washington County

Georgia Revolutionary Bounty Land Records 1783-1785.

Ezekiel Cobb 250 Acres Cert. No. 1204 E. Clarke

Ezekiel Cobb May 17, 1785 No. 797

Ezekiel Cobb Sept. 30, 1784 No. 797

John Cobb Sept. 30, 1784 No. 1011

Ezekiel Cobb No. 791


State of Georgia Land Plats Book A 1779-1785

No. 788 Pg. 260 Joseph Cobb, Washington Co. Dated 17th May 1784 and executed 25th June 1784. 287 1/2 acres. Joining vacant, William Brunston, and Moses Lepham. District No. 1. Warrant No. 1415.



Wilkes County


John Cobb leased 3500 Acres on Jul 20 1784 at Rocky Creek

John Cobb purchased 3500 Acres on Jul 21 1784 at Rocky Creek.

John Cobbs purchased 3500 Acres on Aug 21 1790

Thos. W. Cobb purchased 215 Acres Jul 25 1822 at Kettle Creek

John and Mary Cobbs purchased 1000 Acres on May 17 1793

Edmund B. Cobb made an agreement with Mrs. Mary Telfair on Jun 5 1832.

John Cobb purchased 132 Acres on Apr 12 1801

John Cobb purchased  6 Acres on Apr 19 1901

John Cobb purchased 111 Acres on Apr 18 1801



Wilkes Co., GA. To all to whom these presents may come greeting; know ye, that whereas William MCCULLERS of the state and county aforesaid.  Planter, by an intermarriage with Rachel COBB, late widow and relict of Joseph COBB, famer later of said County and State deceased, became seized and possessed of a right of inheritance in one third part of a tract of land on the water of Brier Creek containing two hundred acres as the dower of the said Rachel, which said land ws originally claimed, possessed, improved and occupied by the said Joseph COBB in his lifetime and at his decease, and hath been since surveyed for and confirmed to the said Rachel COBB, by a grant from the hand of his honor George HANDLEY, Esqr. Gov and dated Aug 13 1788, recorded Book QQQ for 352 the 10 of the same William MCCULLERS and Rachel his wife for and inconsideration of 15 pounds paid by Ezekiel COBB, son of the said Rachel and Joseph COBB, hath sold him 200 acres.


Recorded June 7, 1796


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