“Cobb and Cobbs”

Minnesota Death Index (Transcription)







                  COBBS, GEO W.                 CertID# 1909-MN-015687

                  Date of Death:03/15/1909      County of Death:HENNEPIN


                  COBBS, NANCY JANE             CertID# 1929-MN-010622  

                  Date of Death:09/28/1929      County of Death:OLMSTED


                  COBBS, BABY BOY               CertID# 1930-MN-022402 

                  Date of Death:12/08/1930      County of Death:HENNEPIN


                  COBBS, JAMES S.               CertID# 1932-MN-009307    

                  Date of Death:12/05/1932      County of Death:NICOLLET


                  COBBS, AMANDA M.              CertID# 1933-MN-016956    

                  Date of Death:06/02/1933      County of Death:WRIGHT


                  COBB, GEORGE                  CertID# 1908-MN-011670 

                  Date of Death:06/09/1908      County of Death:ST.LOUIS


                  COBB, JOHN                    CertID# 1909-MN-010917  

                  Date of Death:07/03/1909      County of Death:ST.LOUIS


                  COBB, WILLIAM S.              CertID# 1909-MN-017381

                  Date of Death:09/20/1909      County of Death:HENNEPIN


                  COBB, FRANCES H.              CertID# 1909-MN-018322  

                  Date of Death:12/27/1909      County of Death:HENNEPIN


                  COBB, SEWARD M.               CertID# 1911-MN-019822 

                  Date of Death:01/07/1911      County of Death:RAMSEY


                  COBB, MARY E.                 CertID# 1911-MN-007940

                  Date of Death:08/13/1911      County of Death:MOWER


                  COBB, MARY F.                 CertID# 1912-MN-004383

                  Date of Death:06/12/1912      County of Death:HENNEPIN


                  COBB, LLEWELLYN A.            CertID# 1913-MN-016421    

                  Date of Death:01/01/1913      County of Death:HENNEPIN


                  COBB, RALPH EVERTON           CertID# 1913-MN-021297    

                  Date of Death:04/01/1913      County of Death:RAMSEY


                  COBB, SARAH E.                CertID# 1913-MN-018677    

                  Date of Death:07/05/1913      County of Death:HENNEPIN


                  COBB, JOSEPH H.               CertID# 1914-MN-014319

                  Date of Death:01/16/1914      County of Death:STEELE


                  COBB, DOROTHY                 CertID# 1915-MN-019066

                  Date of Death:08/22/1915      County of Death:HENNEPIN


                  COBB, GEORGE A.               CertID# 1916-MN-022731    

                  Date of Death:03/28/1916      County of Death:RAMSEY


                  COBB, HALE H.                 CertID# 1916-MN-025219    

                  Date of Death:03/29/1916      County of Death:ST.LOUIS 


                  COBB, MRS CLARA H.            CertID# 1916-MN-020252    

                  Date of Death:08/19/1916      County of Death:HENNEPIN 


                  COBB, HIRAM                   CertID# 1916-MN-021070    

                  Date of Death:10/27/1916      County of Death:HENNEPIN 


                  COBB, ELLA JANE               CertID# 1917-MN-011213    

                  Date of Death:11/30/1917      County of Death:RAMSEY 


                  COBB, IRVING J.               CertID# 1918-MN-023051    

                  Date of Death:03/16/1918      County of Death:HENNEPIN 


                  COBB, JENNIE ELLIS            CertID# 1918-MN-025168    

                  Date of Death:08/13/1918      County of Death:HENNEPIN


                  COBB, WILLIAM ORRIN           CertID# 1918-MN-015200    

                  Date of Death:10/19/1918      County of Death:REDWOOD 


                  COBB, MATILDA                 CertID# 1919-MN-022439    

                  Date of Death:01/21/1919      County of Death:RAMSEY 


                  COBB, MARTHA LURENA           CertID# 1920-MN-018406    

                  Date of Death:01/26/1920      County of Death:HENNEPIN 


                  COBB, CATARINE LOUISA         CertID# 1920-MN-000842    

                  Date of Death:07/28/1920      County of Death:BELTRAMI 


                  COBB, EDWARD BENJAMEN         CertID# 1920-MN-005136    

                  Date of Death:11/10/1920      County of Death:GRANT 


                  COBB, ANNIE WILLETT           CertID# 1921-MN-021913    

                  Date of Death:05/07/1921      County of Death:RAMSEY 


                  COBB, LAURA FRANCES           CertID# 1921-MN-018149    

                  Date of Death:05/17/1921      County of Death:HENNEPIN 


                  COBB, WARREN P.               CertID# 1922-MN-001082    

                  Date of Death:05/21/1922      County of Death:BLUE EARTH 


                  COBB, MARCELLOS L.            CertID# 1922-MN-013262     

                  Date of Death:11/07/1922      County of Death:ST.LOUIS 


                  COBB, BABY GIRL               CertID# 1922-MN-020863    

                  Date of Death:12/07/1922      County of Death:HENNEPIN 


                  COBB, INFANT BOY              CertID# 1923-MN-026033    

                  Date of Death:01/24/1923      County of Death:ST.LOUIS 


                  COBB, RUTH IRENE              CertID# 1923-MN-016009    

                  Date of Death:                County of Death:WABASHA 


                  COBB, ARTHUR G.               CertID# 1925-MN-016117    

                  Date of Death:06/13/1925      County of Death:WASECA 


                  COBB, EDWARD R.               CertID# 1926-MN-020337    

                  Date of Death:06/18/1926      County of Death:HENNEPIN 


                  COBB, MARY L.                 CertID# 1926-MN-022757    

                  Date of Death:12/19/1926      County of Death:HENNEPIN 


                  COBB, GRACE H.                CertID# 1927-MN-018762    

                  Date of Death:05/08/1927      County of Death:HENNEPIN


                  COBB, ISABEL                  CertID# 1928-MN-025925    

                  Date of Death:12/08/1928      County of Death:RAMSEY 


                  COBB, STEPHEN L.              CertID# 1929-MN-005207    

                  Date of Death:11/11/1929      County of Death:HENNEPIN 


                  COBB, BABY BOY                CertID# 1929-MN-022339    

                  Date of Death:12/06/1929      County of Death:HENNEPIN 


                  COBB, EMMA                    CertID# 1930-MN-015199    

                  Date of Death:01/29/1930      County of Death:STEELE 


                  COBB, EDWAY                   CertID# 1930-MN-003474    

                  Date of Death:10/30/1930      County of Death:DAKOTA 


                  COBB, BABY BOY                CertID# 1932-MN-017680    

                  Date of Death:02/08/1932      County of Death:HENNEPIN 


                  COBB, WILLIS F.               CertID# 1932-MN-008880    

                  Date of Death:06/03/1932      County of Death:MOWER 


                  COBB, SHERIDAN G.             CertID# 1932-MN-025296    

                  Date of Death:11/18/1932      County of Death:RAMSEY 


                  COBB, EMILY J.                CertID# 1933-MN-018373    

                  Date of Death:03/20/1933      County of Death:HENNEPIN 


                  COBB, NORWOOD C.              CertID# 1933-MN-000645    

                  Date of Death:05/20/1933      County of Death:BELTRAMI 


                  COBB, BENJAMIN                CertID# 1933-MN-004953    

                  Date of Death:05/29/1933      County of Death:HENNEPIN 


                  COBB, EVA VIOLA               CertID# 1933-MN-005047    

                  Date of Death:08/04/1933      County of Death:HENNEPIN 


                  COBB, JOHN THEADOR            CertID# 1934-MN-014318    

                  Date of Death:07/06/1934      County of Death:ST.LOUIS 


                  COBB, SARAH                   CertID# 1935-MN-016464    

                  Date of Death:06/12/1935      County of Death:WASECA 


                  COBB, HARRIET                 CertID# 1935-MN-001360    

                  Date of Death:11/17/1935      County of Death:BLUE EARTH 


                  COBB, ALBERT C.               CertID# 1935-MN-022599    

                  Date of Death:12/05/1935      County of Death:HENNEPIN 


                  COBB, WILLIAM E.              CertID# 1936-MN-020602    

                  Date of Death:03/25/1936      County of Death:HENNEPIN 


                  COBB, SIDNEY                  CertID# 1937-MN-027168    

                  Date of Death:03/20/1937      County of Death:ST.LOUIS 


                  COBB, EMMA                    CertID# 1937-MN-017557    

                  Date of Death:03/26/1937      County of Death:WINONA 


                  COBB, BABY GIRL               CertID# 1937-MN-026326    

                  Date of Death:11/01/1937      County of Death:RAMSEY 


                  COBB, ARTHUR WILSON           CertID# 1938-MN-014115    

                  Date of Death:03/29/1938      County of Death:ST.LOUIS 


                  COBB, MILTON                  CertID# 1938-MN-002393    

                  Date of Death:05/21/1938      County of Death:CHIPPEWA 


                  COBB, ABBIE C.                CertID# 1938-MN-008999    

                  Date of Death:12/21/1938      County of Death:MOWER 


                  COBB, FRANK A                 CertID# 1939-MN-023858    

                  Date of Death:01/21/1939      County of Death:RAMSEY 


                  COBB, JESSIE TURNER           CertID# 1939-MN-026000    

                  Date of Death:09/20/1939      County of Death:RAMSEY 


                  COBB, HARRY B.                CertID# 1939-MN-011503    

                  Date of Death:12/05/1939      County of Death:OTTER TAIL 


                  COBB, DOUGLAS SHERMAN         CertID# 1940-MN-014460    

                  Date of Death:02/08/1940      County of Death:ST.LOUIS    


                  COBB, FRANK                   CertID# 1941-MN-019466    

                  Date of Death:04/03/1941      County of Death:HENNEPIN 


                  COBB, DEAN MILTON             CertID# 1942-MN-016822    

                  Date of Death:12/10/1942      County of Death:WILKIN 


                  COBB, SAMUEL V.               CertID# 1943-MN-020485    

                  Date of Death:06/04/1943      County of Death:HENNEPIN 


                  COBB, DELILA                  CertID# 1943-MN-020921    

                  Date of Death:07/04/1943      County of Death:HENNEPIN 


                  COBB, MARIE FLOWER            CertID# 1943-MN-021124    

                  Date of Death:07/17/1943      County of Death:HENNEPIN 


                  COBB, GROVER CLEVELAND        CertID# 1943-MN-010827    

                  Date of Death:11/21/1943      County of Death:OLMSTED 


                  COBB, MRS ARVISTA MAY         CertID# 1944-MN-013838    

                  Date of Death:07/23/1944      County of Death:ST.LOUIS 


                  COBB, ARTHUR E.               CertID# 1944-MN-021674    

                  Date of Death:09/19/1944      County of Death:HENNEPIN 


                  COBB, HIRAM E.                CertID# 1948-MN-020694    

                  Date of Death:05/20/1948      County of Death:HENNEPIN 


                  COBB, EBEN W.                 CertID# 1948-MN-003732    

                  Date of Death:06/10/1948      County of Death:DAKOTA 


                  COBB, N. FLOYD                CertID# 1948-MN-021439     

                  Date of Death:07/07/1948      County of Death:HENNEPIN 


                  COBB, JEFFREY B.              CertID# 1948-MN-027606    

                  Date of Death:12/06/1948      County of Death:RAMSEY 


                  COBB, WILLIAM H               CertID# 1949-MN-019153    

                  Date of Death:02/15/1949      County of Death:HENNEPIN 


                  COBB, MARY E.                 CertID# 1950-MN-020050    

                  Date of Death:03/22/1950      County of Death:HENNEPIN 


                  COBB, LAURA M.                CertID# 1950-MN-021967    

                  Date of Death:07/09/1950      County of Death:HENNEPIN 


                  COBB, ANNIE S.L.              CertID# 1950-MN-022719    

                  Date of Death:08/29/1950      County of Death:HENNEPIN 


                  COBB, MATTIE AGNES            CertID# 1950-MN-017259    

                  Date of Death:10/17/1950      County of Death:WASHINGTON 


                  COBB, EBONEZER FRANKLIN       CertID# 1951-MN-008097    

                  Date of Death:04/04/1951      County of Death:LYON 


                  COBB, GLENN WILLIAM           CertID# 1951-MN-004912    

                  Date of Death:11/05/1951      County of Death:GOODHUE 


                  COBB, MAURICE L.              CertID# 1952-MN-023468    

                  Date of Death:10/29/1952      County of Death:HENNEPIN 


                  COBB, STILLBORN               CertID# 1953-MN-026827    

                  Date of Death:03/12/1953      County of Death:RAMSEY  

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