John Cobb


Craven County, North Carolina




[Heritage Place - Lenoir County Community College - Vertical File # Cobb - 03653-14.  Book 57, page 208 - Craven County, NC Deed Book]



16 December 1844 - State of North Carolina, Lenoir County - by order of the Superior Court of Law Craven County we the undersigned --- having been duly sworn - proceeded to divide between and among the several heirs at law of John Cobb, dec according to the plan of survey herewith annexed. We find two thousand five hundred and forty seven acres of land (including the mills which we have divided into four equal shares, the fifth share we make of the real estate in the Town of Newbern and of the lands in Dover containing about one thousand acres in which there is an incumbrance of the life estate of J(?)ames G. Heritage on about three hundred acres the whole which five shares we have valued at twelve thousand five hundred or twenty five hundred dollars each ?? by the plan annexed. No 1 is situated as follows viz: beginning at the old Meeting House Bridge NS of Great Branch, river bank at the upper end of Seine Beach, John Jackson's line


SS? Of main road - 593 acres


No 2 including the Mills which was drawn by Jesse Cobb - adj John Jackson's corner, the 4th corner of Lot No 1 up ?? Creek to the corner of Mr. Cobb's land according to the will of John Cobb, dec - 312 acres including the mill pond


No 3 - beginning at run of Streeter ??? branch, new road to Heath's line, corner of Story's ?? patent, to a stake in George Mett's patent, Rooty??? Branch to Mrs. Cobb's corner, Strawberry Swamp - nine hundred and seventy ?? two acres


No 4 - drawn by Harriet A. E. Peeples wife of John H. Peebles - beginning at run of Strawberry swamp, new road, Lot #3, Heath's line, Coxes field, Shade Loftin's field, Joseph Loftin's road, ?? Waters corner - seven hundred twenty acres


No 5 - consists in part of the real estate in the Town of Newbern and the lands situated in Dover on which James. G. Herritage now resides supposed to contain one thousand acres about three hundred of which is subject to an incumbrance of the life estate of the said Heritage.


P. Hardee, B. Coleman, N. G. Blount, Lewis C. Desmond,m S. B. Carraway


Craven Superior Court

Spring Term 1845 - to divide certain tracts of land and their improvements situated and lying in the counties of Craven, Jones, and Lenoir between Jesse Cobb, John Cobb, Jr, John H. Peebles and his wife Harriet , Richard Cobb, John Cobb (sic) and Henry Cobb, heirs of John Cobb deceased


Enrolled in the minutes of Spring Term 1845 William Blackledge, Clerk


P 350


His home plantation also a certain tract called his Dover lands lying and being in the Coounties of Lenoir and Jones on Dover road adj the lands of John Rouse and others, and one half of a lot of ground in the town of Newbern on the South side of Broad Street and nearly opposite the Market House and known by the number 84, between the Petitioners Richard G. Cobb, John Cobb and Henry Cobb heirs at law of the late John Cobb dec by his second marriage so that the Petitioners Richard G. Cobb may have allotted to him and set apart his respective share in several, being one third part here fail not and return the proceedings of said Commissioners --- on the 4th Monday after the fourth Monday of March.


Will S. Blackledge, Clk


The undersigned Commissioners proceeded on the 4th day of January in the year of our Lord 1847 to divide the undivided portion of the real estate of John Cobb, dec and set aside to Richard G. Cobb one of the heirs his portion --- Richard drew Lot #1.


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