Ambrose Cobbs

Last Will & Testament

Lincoln County, North Carolina

In the name of God Amen.  I Ambrose Cobbs of Lincoln County and State of North Carolina, being weak in body but yet of a sound and perfect understanding and memory, thanks be to God for the same, and calling to mind the uncertainty of this life and knowing it is appointed unto all men once to die, and being desirous to settle things in order do make and constitute and appoint this and no other to be my last Will and Testament, in manner and form following that is to say first of all I principally give my soul to God the giver of it, in hopes to receive the same again at the joyful resurection at the last day with a full and true pardon of all my sins and transgressions through the death and merits of my blessed saviour and redeemer Jesus Christ, and my body to the earth from whence it came to be ordered for a decent and Christian like manner and as touching my wordly estate as the Lord in his mercy hath lent me and my will and meaning is that the same be employed and disposed of in the following manner, and first that all my just and lawful debts and funeral expenses be first paid, then I give unto my son William Cobbs two hundred acres of land on the lower end of the tract including the houses and plantation, and also one feather bed and furniture.  Also I give unto my son James Cobbs one hundred and fifty acres on the upper end of the tract including the improvement where he formerly lived.  Also I give him one bed and furniture.  Then all the remainder of my property of every kind to be sold and the money equally divided between all the rest of my living children, save one which is Mary Jackson whom I give five shillings and no more.


The above property mentioned is not to be divided or possessed by the heirs until after the decease of me and my wife Sarah Cobbs.  I do appoint my two sons William and James Cobbs to be Executioners and these Presents.  Sealed, signed, and delivered in presence of Robert Reed and John Rockett.

Ambros Cobb (signature) June 21st, 1797

Quit Claim of Sarah Cobb, widow of Ambrose Cobbs

Be it known that whereas I am through age and infirmity unable to take that care of the property left me during my life by my deceased husband, I have therefore thought proper as believing it more to the advantage of my children to whom it is finally left, to deliver the same except that part as I have retained for my support and subsistance (sic), to my two sons William and James Cobb to be sold agreeably or --- (illegible) --- and divided, which I have done, I do hereby approve of what they as Executors may and shall do in fairly selling and disposing of said property.


Given under my hand and seal this 25th day of November 1799.


Test    Sarah Cobb (her mark)

Zachariah Spencer

Samuel Sowill

(3d name illegible)

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