“Cobb and Cobbs
New Mexico Cobb Burials

Additions? Corrections?

(This list has not been checked for completeness or accuracy.)

Carlsbad Municipal Cemetery, Eddy County
Earl Cobb                      NBD            NDD
Gladys Cobb                    NBD            04 Feb 1994
Grace Leah Cobb                NBD            09 Aug 1999
Hazel Cobb                     NBD            17 May 1993
Leon Cobb                      NBD            15 Sep 1994
Lillie E. Cobb                 NBD            09 Mar 1956
Madge Cobb                     NBD            23 May 1992
Rufus Randolph Cobb            NBD            24 Aug 1965
Santa Fe National Cemetery, Lea County
Lee Cobb                       22 Nov 1910    18 Mar 1983    USN
Robert J. Cobb                 12 Nov 1926    13 Dec 1993    USA
Valley Heights Cemetery, Columbus, Luna County
M. Ann Cobb                    NBD            08 Jan 1993
William E. Cobb                NBD            26 Apr 1990


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