Charles C. Cobb

Record of Estate

Abbeville District, South Carolina




South Carolina }


Abbeville District } To David Lesley Ordinary


The Petition of J. W. and Charles A. Cobb sheweth that their father Charles C. Cobb departed this life intestate having no widow and four children, that the estate owes _____little. Your Petitioners pray that Letters of Administration be granted them jointly and as is duly bound will ever pray & c.


20th Nov 1842 (signed) J. W. Cobb, Charles A. Cobb.




Letters of Administrtion were granted to John W. Cobb and Charles A. Cobb on the 5th day of December 1842 by Ordinary David Lesley.


Administration Bond in the amount of $9,000. was signed by John W. Cobb, Charles A. Cobb, John Cochran, Hart P. Arnold and James Jay on the 5th of December 1842. One witness was James W. Frazier. (The name of the other witness was not legible).




On 5 December 1842


    The Petition of John W. and Charles A. Cobb sheweth that they are the admrs of Charles Cobb, decd,  that there are some debts & pray that an order be granted them to sell all the personal Estate of Charles Cobb dec'd on a credit till lst Jany 1843. And as duly bound will ever pray & c. Signed by J. W. Cobb and Charles A. Cobb.


Order for Sale by Ordinary David Lesley set the sale dates as 21 & 22 December 1842.


Appraisers were ___________, John Cochran, Archibald Arnold, Marty Crews, Thomas R. Gary, Frank G. Thomas or any three of them.


Sale was held on 14 December 1842 with Archibald Arnold, Clerk of the Sale signing the Certification. Buyers were: J.W. Cobb, C.A. Cobb, John Cheatham, Robert Kirkpatrick, Andrew Cobb, John Stuart, John Cochran, John W. Moore, W. R. Parker, Archibald Arnold, Nathaniel Jeffries, William Romans, William Arnold, W. R. Parker, Nathaniel Rowland, D. W. McCants, Wallice Wilson, Samuel Turner, Alexander Turner, Dr. John Logan, Dr. F. G. Thomas, Dr. T. R. Gary, William Lomax, Larkin Griffin, Christopher Watson, and Edward Lipford.


The Sale Billl came to $8860.12



Settlement of the Estate of Charles Cobb, dec’d before the Ordy 11 Jany 1844. Present Charles A. Cobb & J.W. Cobb, Admrs and distributees - as also R.A. Kirkpatrick who intermarried with Nancy C. Cobb. As also John Cheatham who intermarried with Mary A. Cobb, making 4 distributees in all.


Charles Cobb died 1842. Sale 21 & 22 Decr 1842. Sale bill due 1 Jany 1844.



Amount Sale Bill                                      $8860.12


Collected on old accounts 22.20




Add for ____ ___ in addition 30.00




            Deduct coms 2% for 222.80





     1st Return and Expenses $186.33


                      Coms add $4.65 = $190.98





There were notes and advances, but the share of each was made equal and was $1971.51


Separate Receipts signed on 11 Jany 1844 before the Ordinary that they had received their full share of the Estate of Charles Cobb, decd.


Signed  John Cheatham


              Robert A. Kirkpatrick


Source: Box 23, Pack 524 Abbeville, SC Probate Judge's Office.

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