John Willis Cobb

Record of Estate

Abbeville District, South Carolina



South Carolina

Abbeville District      Ordinary's Office

Box 170  Pack 4560


W. B. Roman and Mary Cobb applied for Letters of Administration on the Estate of John Willis Cobb on 20 December 1865. Letters were granted that same day.


Administration Bond of three thousand, five hundred dollars was bound by William B. Roman, Mary P. Arnold, William J. Arnold, and Robert Jones.


Appraisers appointed were Robert P. Buchanan, Alex. Ellis, Wm. Mundy, John Turner and Simeon Waites, or any three or four of them. All four signed their names in the presence of Moses Taggart.


Buyers at the Sale were Mary P. Cobb, widow; Miss Emma Cobb, C. A. Cobb, A. J. Buchanan, Dr. T. R. Gary and F. A. Connor.


Settlement of the Estate was made 13 & 14 February 1872. Present were W. B. Roman and Mrs. Cobb Admr and Admrx. Also A. J. Buchanan in right of his wife Victoria and Emma Cobb Distributees.


The following people signed receipts for their shares:

1.  W. H. Cobb

2.  Perrin & Cothran, attorneys for M. P. Cobb

3.  Perrin & Cothran, attoneys for Andrew J. Buchanan & wife

4.  The whole share of Charles A. Cobb assigned to W. Bowman Admr of A. J. Buchanan, of said Estate as per settlement.

5.  Perrin & Cothran, attorneys for Emma Cobb

6 & 7.  The shares of Thomas A. Cobb and Andrew Willis Cobb paid to Mary P. Cobb, Guardian


John Willis Cobb was the son of Charles C. Cobb and Mary Polly Arnold Cobb.




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