"Cobb and Cobbs"


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            NAME              MARRIAGE DATE     SPOUSE                  COUNTY


            Martha E. Cobb          25 Oct 1857 E.T. Brown              Pickens

            John Cobb               Aug 1859    Kate Webb               Pickens

            Vilanty (Gibson) Cobb   26 Apr 1857 Joab Lewis              Pickens

            Warren Cobb             12 Jun 1859 Louisa Muller           Pickens


            Cecelia C. Cobb         13 Ma 1869  J.F. Burton             Oconee ***

            Alfred Cobb             06 Jun 1914 Ida Dickson             Oconee

            Clarence Cobb           11 Nov 1914 Christine Mulkey        Oconee

            Cliff Cobb              27 Dec 1911 Dessie Gillespie        Oconee

            Clyde C. Cobb           15 Feb 1911 Kate Davis              Oconee           

            John B. Cobb            11 Sep 1922 Daisy Marcengill        Oconee

            Roland Cobb             23 Nov 1910 Cora Spencer            Oconee

            Rowland Cobb            29 Mar 1882 Ida M. Goodman          Oconee           

            Laura Cobb              21 Dec 1910 W.H. Harbin             Oconee

            Carrie Cobb             14 Jan 1914 Jay W. Hutchinson       Oconee

            Mary Cobb               08 Sep 1915 Christopher C. Kelley   Oconee


            *** Oconee was created from Pickens in 1868.


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