Samuel Cobbs

Last Will and Testament

(Amelia County, Virginia – Will Book I)



Samuel Cobbs of Amelia County, member of Church of England.  Will proved 28 July 1757.  Witnesses: Walter Scott, John Farguson, Richard Smith.  Executrix: Edith Cobbs.




Theodosia Cobbs, daughter

Judith Cobbs, daughter

Samuel Cobbs LeNeve, grandson – son of John and Mary LeNeve.  “... 190 acres in Prince Edward County, Virginia, the plantation where Francis Rice lives, and at death of said Francis and his wife, to my grandson.


Edith Cobbs, wife.  “... all my lands in this and all other counties, city, or towns.  She shall have full power and absolute authority to sell and convey estate or any part thereof, the sale thereof to pay my debts and legacies for the advantage of her children.  All remaining in my personal estate in trust to wife Edith Cobbs for purposes aforementioned.  When debts paid, my wife to have full power to convey by deed or will any of my lands to my sons in her discretion, to wit: Samuel Cobbs and John Catlin Cobbs.  She shall have full power to give to one or more of my children or grandchildren.  Should wife Edith die before making conveyance to younger son or without will, I give John Catlin Cobbs 400 acres adjacent to tract where I now live on Flatt Creek which I purchased of Richard Clarke.  If my wife should have sold the 400 acres, I give my son John Catlin Cobbs 500 acres of land, part of tract I now live on, beginning at Hector Truly’s former line between Col. Harrison and myself, up that line to Flatt Creek.”


“Rev. John Ornsby has be indenture of April 21, 1755, conveyed to me 1,816 acres in Prince Edward County, Virginia, and in that county court acknowledged the same July 8th following, which conveyance made with intent to prevent said from lapsing for want of cultivation, and for which purpose it was including in a patent granted me for a larger quantity, the expense whereof has been at and is no part of my estate, though I think necessary to mention it in the will to prevent future doubt or disuse, therefore I gave aforementioned 1,816 acres to aforesaid John Ornsby.”


“I have given a very extensive power to my wife, the inducement thereto and in gratitude to her I now mention... she has been my wife 40 years during which time has always been kind and loving and obedient to me without affectation.  My children are heres and I commit them to her care as my circumstances are now I could provide for both, and I think it my duty to provide for my wife now in the decline of life who so well deserves it from me.”


“... desire my estate not be appraised.”


Inventory and Appraisal


I&A returned 22 December 1757 by Executrix Edith Cobbs.


Further estate inventory (tobacco sold James Donald) recorded September court 1758, by Executrix Edith Cobbs.


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