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DNA Results Table

The table below is the data accumulated from YDNA tests done on males (most of whom had the Cobb surname). This project started at a company named Relative Genetics about 8 yrs ago. That company was sold to Ancestry, which took over the DNA testing and managed the project until recently. The data collected includes results from Cobb males who can document their lineage to a specific family line, such as Ambrose Cobb, etc.

A significant number of participants do not match any other participant. There is a separate page for anyone whose results do not match any other male or for males who match but for whom we are not sure who the immigrant or progenitor was.

In the interests of privacy, individuals are identified by a code in the Name column, except where the person is known to be deceased or has emailed permission to show the full name. Contact the Webpage Mechanic for more specific details about an individual and help with connecting with a specific person to ask for more information. Your request will be forwarded to the participant if that information is available.

For clarification: Haplo indicates the haplotype for the group or individual. Please do your own research as to what this information provides. MRCA stands for Most Recent Common Ancestor, an indication of genetic distance, except for those persons tested at Family Tree DNA. This FTDNA has not provided this kind of information. For instance the person at the top of the list has no number at that location. If there is a genetic connection there is a number in this column which illustrations the number of generations apart they are assumed to be.

DYS is in the center of the top line of each chart and is the prefix of all the numeric markers tested with values shown where appropriate for each individual.

Contact the website mechanic to offer help or ask for help. We do not guarantee that we can answer all your questions but we are working to make this information usable and helpful to all Cobb surname researchers.

Webpage Mechanic Betty A. Harris

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Descendants of
Morgan Cobb
of Co Dorset,England,
Taunton,MA and NJ
Ronald Gene Cobb Jr.I2b1515-01415-0131331231012141115101126201111101212201119191421
T-SWCOBBI2b1915-01415-01313312310121411 10111526202811111610122311131416

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