Clisby Cobb



1.  Clisby COBB was born on June 21, 1748 in Hanover, Morris County, New Jersey.  He appeared on the census in 1790 in Surry County, North Carolina.  He appeared on the census in 1800 in Burke County, North Carolina.  He died on July 25, 1815 in Maiden, Catawba County, North Carolina.  He was buried in Allen’s Creek, Maiden, Catawba County, North Carolina. 


In 1780 Clisby Cobb served at the rank of Private in the New Jersey militia, under the command of Captain Josiah Hall.

Clisby’s family were Iron Masters and when the revolution was over, Clisby’s father sent him to North Carolina to look for mineral deposits.  The soil in North Carolina is a red color, and was thought by the pioneers to be rich in Iron Ore. In 1785 Clisby bought up large tracts of land along Little River in Alleghany County North Carolina (Surry County at that time).  In 1790 he moved into Surry County and by 1793 he was living in what is now Catawba County.  Clisby Cobb died on 17 Aug 1815, and is buried on his old farm near Maiden in Catawba County, North Carolina.

He was married to Margaret Halset YOUNG about 1771 in Hanover, Morris County, New Jersey.  There were eleven children produced from this marriage.  Only those that had an eventual connection to Fannin County, Texas are shown here.  Margaret Halset YOUNG was born on April 15, 1746 in Morris County, New Jersey.  Clisby COBB and Margaret Halset YOUNG had the following children:

                           Benjamin M. COBB (born between 1771 and 1774).

                           Archibald COBB (born on August 4, 1777).

                            Robert COBB (born in 1770).


This family contributed substantially to the early settlement of Fannin County, Texas. Descendants of all three sons listed above migrated to Texas.

Benjamin M. Cobb accompanied his son James Milton Cobb to Fannin County and died there in 1858.

Archibald Cobb had two sons, Sylvester Young and Thomas Church Cobb. Six of Sylvester’s twelve known children settled either in Texas or the Indian Territory. Thomas Church Cobb led his family to Fannin County in the early 1850’s.

Robert Cobb’s son George Cobb married Susan Amos. They married in Tennessee and later moved to Georgia. Three of their sons and a grandson eventually migrated to Fannin County.

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A Special Word of Caution

This family is notorious for the repetition of male given names. There were two men named Thomas Church Cobb, and both lived and died in Fannin County, Texas:

·         Thomas Church Cobb #1 (1813-aft 1880). Son of Archibald Cobb and Rebecca James. Married Ann Louise Wheeler.

·         Thomas Church Cobb #2 (1832-1914). Son of James Milton Cobb and Jane Helen Dickey. Married Sarah Frances “Sallie” Ring. Some researchers have mistakenly assigned her as the wife of Houston G. Cobb.

There were two men named Samuel Sylvester Cobb:

·         Samuel Sylvester Cobb #1 (1840-1923). Son of Sylvester Young Cobb and Artemisia Hall. Married Ellen Vore.

·         Samuel Sylvester Cobb #2 (1865-????). Son of Joseph Benson Cobb and Evaline Clingan. Married Carrie K. Hunter.

There were four men named Wheeler Cobb:

·         Wheeler Cobb #1 (1868-1872). Son of James E. Cobb and Mary J. LNU.

·         Wheeler Cobb #2 (1873-????). Son of Benjamin M. Cobb and Frances Stinnett.

·         Wheeler Cobb #3 (1882-aft 1900). Son of Stephen Cobb and Viny Johnson. Married Annie LNU.

·         Wheeler Cobb #4 (1899-????). Son of John C. Cobb and Marthie LNU.


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