The Descendants of Jasper Edward Cobb

This report has been added to "Cobb and Cobbs" because it just seems that a genealogical website dedicated to that particular surname just wouldn't be complete without some sort of report on the lineage of Ty Cobb, the famous baseball player.

Let me begin by saying that this is not my ancestral line; therefore I am certainly not qualified to enter an intelligent discussion on what is correct. The information found here is basically what I was able to glean from the Internet. My general rule was to find three different sources that agreed on a fact before I included it in this database.

I did as much personal verification as possible, with census reports, cemetery transcriptions, etc. In those cases where something like a census report did not coincide with popular lore (and there were several), I went with the census report.

I have made no attempt to cite all the accomplishments of the baseball career of Ty Cobb. There are ample other sources that do that.

Your additions and corrections are certainly welcome.

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