The Dr. William John Cobb Family of
Kanawha County, West Virginia

File Manager Betty Atkinson

Dr. William John Cobb, Sr. married Elizabeth Morrison in 1787 and the place is given by researchers as Greenbrier Co, VA, which was formed in 1777. The area where they lived became Kanawha Co, VA, in 1788, the year their first child was born there. In 1863 during the Civil war this area became West Virginia.

Since we cannot find this man in any census records that show place of birth (started with 1850) we cannot know where he was born. The naming patterns of his children give no good clues as to lineage.

We have had two males participate in the DNA project that can track back to this lineage and they match. At some point it is hoped we will have a participant who matches but whose lineage can be documented back earlier than this man.

Descendants of Dr. William John Cobb of Kanawha Co, WV