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"Cobb and Cobbs"

Website Administration

From Ray Flesher (Website Mechanic)


Organization and Operation

This is your website as much as anyone's and your participation is vital! We know that errors can be found in these databases. Should you discover an error, or if you could add something, and do not tell us about are doing all COBB researchers a great disservice!

Will work for genealogy leads!


During the course of research everyone accumulates extra facts and figures. For example: Your time at the library is limited. So, you madly write down every Cobb marriage you find in "ABC County". Then after you get home, you sit down to see if you can figure out who all those people were.

These miscellaneous research notes would make excellent additions to the Cobb Archives. Send us those lists of births, marriages, deaths, and burials for inclusion at this website, then everyone can benefit from them. Forward them to the Website Mechanic .

Please send your corrections and additions to the File Manager listed on the front page responsible for your respective Cobb family line.

If your ancestral Cobb family line is not listed, and you are willing to act as the contact person for your line, please contact the Website Mechanic, for information.

What about us?

All data found at this website is a combination of our own research, and what has been voluntarily and specifically submitted to us by others. You are encouraged to examine these files for your own personal research use.

Please be reminded however, that all information found at this website belongs to somebody, either ourselves or the folks who submitted it to us. Therefore ---

To "harvest" information from this (or any) website for the purpose of further submitting it to any other entity --- secular, clerical, or commercial --- or for the purpose of placing it online at any other website --- without the expressed consent of the owner --- is not only irresponsible from a research standpoint, but also potentially constitutes a violation of copyrights.

This also means that before sharing data obtained from this website with anyone else, you should first find out what they intend to do with it. In truth, this applies not only to this website, but all websites.

We are active COBB researchers ourselves. The above statement applies to us just like anyone else. These databases will not be published or burned onto a CD and marketed. No one connected with this website is going to turn around and post this data elsewhere on the internet.

In sum ... Data submitted here and data found here ... stays here!

This website may be freely linked to. However, the data presented here may not be copied or duplicated in any way without the expressed consent of the owner. Contact the appropriate File Manager listed at the bottom of the front page for owner information.


The official position of this website is that just because certain information can be freely obtained from the public domain, does NOT make it ethical, courteous, or wise to publish that information, particularly if it regards persons that could still be living.

Unlike other websites, we have not shunned the responsibility of insuring we do not commit an act of discourtesy, indiscretion, or violation of privacy.

Before being uploaded to this webpage, all data has always been first mechanically filtered to automatically delete all information on persons still possibly living after 1930. This is done in voluntary compliance to Federal privacy laws, and is applied to data that is not even subject to such laws.

It is not possible to download any unfiltered data or GEDCOM from this website, nor will it ever be. Please do not ask us to make an exception!

Please remember...

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