The Cobbs of Lincoln County, North Carolina

(And the surrounding area)



Before preceding any further, you should read this carefully.


As the title implies, this work does not focus on a single Cobb family in a single county.  Rather, it is a census-by-census analysis of all the Cobb families that at one time or another passed through an entire region ... in this case southwestern North Carolina, and northern South Carolina.


This is not merely a “Special Report” that has been added to this website.  It is a virtual “Book”.  It is the result of years of research, travel, expense, and “blood – toil – tears – and sweat”. 


Still, there are no claims of perfection, and it is still a work in progress.  Additions and corrections are earnestly solicited.  My email address appears at the bottom.


A word regarding copyright is appropriate.  While you may extract data from the actual census reports ... all of the analysis narrative below those census reports belongs to me.  The verbatim reproduction of any part of this material ... particularly via “cut and paste” ... is strictly prohibited.


I do not recommend trying to print this straight from the website.  There are no page breaks, many tables, and it would take well over a hundred sheets of paper.


I strongly recommend that you at least read through the report covering the period 1790-1840, before attempting to jump ahead in search of any particular person or surname.  That first page provides the foundation that you will be referring back to time and again. 




File Manager Betty A. Harris

November 2004 (Feb 2020)




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