The Cobbs of Southeastern Tennessee

(McMinn, Bradley, Polk, and Monroe Counties)

(With Related Families)

File Manager Betty A. Harris



I.              Introduction

I.              An abbreviated History of Southeastern Tennessee

II.         Anglo routes of immigration

III.    The Cobbs of southeastern Tennessee

The Descendants of Joseph Cobbs, Sr

The Descendants of Clisby Cobb



IV.         Related Families: Included in the database for both the families of Joseph and Clisby Cobb(s) is fairly extensive information on families related by marriage. All of these families had origins traceable to East Tennessee (primarily the southeastern corner of the state) and all had descendants that eventually moved West (primarily to Texas, but also to Arkansas, Missouri, and the Indian Territory).


A few of those surnames are Queener, Trew, Kimbrough, Carlock, Firestone, Lattimore, Thompson, Kincaid, Wheeler, Clingan, and Ware.

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