Descendants of Stephen Cobb

(Cobb Immigrant, <1714-1754)

Cobb Plaque

Stephen Cobb

Stephen Cobb is the head of a descendant line of Cobb families starting in Massachusetts and spreading from New England (starting mainly New Hampshire and Vermont) that appears to be separate from the other three Cobb lines from Massachusetts (until such DNA evidence proves otherwise).

Currently, the Barnstable, Boston and Taunton lines of Cobb families are not connected to Stephen Cobb's line (unless DNA matching proves different). Unfortunately we haven't found a potential descendant for testing yet.

His line began in my Unlinked Cobb database and was moved to its own database as the descendant list grew and found he appeared as part of a separate line.

Stephen Cobb was born maybe 1710 - 1714, how he arrived or how (or if) connected to other Cobb families or who were his parents are all unknowns. He was found in Bridgewater, Mass., in 1735 when he married Abigail Hinds. Nine children were born from the marriage, of whom we know only a few survived to have descendants.

The record of his descendants has been a project; first, to see he was from the Taunton or Barnstable MA lines. However, he was not the same individual as Stephen Cobb of Walpole and Sharon MA from the Taunton, Mass. line.

However, his marriage record states in the Vital Records book as "Stephen Cobb of wallpool & Abigail Hindes of Bridgwater were married November ye 13th Ano Dom 1735".

One may assume "Wallpool" as Walpole, Mass. where there later was later found a different Stephen Cobb from the Taunton line. Also Wallpool shows up in Ballina, Co. Mayo, Ireland's Moy River “with 6 rod beats, including the famous Wallpool beat. The Moy Valley and the surrounding County of Mayoand has one of Ireland’s most famous salmon river runs where there is fishing, having sections, of which one is the Wallpool.Wallpool is also a family name from Britain and Ireland, though a rare name now. Any Cobb connection to Ireland or Wallpool there?

Yet, though seemingly a different line from Taunton's, his descendants appeared in New Hampshire and Vermont as did those from various Barnstable and Taunton, Mass. lines.

"New Hampshire Birth & Death Records" lists some of Stephen Cobb’s children with spouse Rebecca Kidder as having ethnicity as "Canadian" for the first two children. This info per posting of Cliff Cobb in Cobb Message Boards in 2011 for thread “Re: Reuben Cobb: 9 Apr 1795, NH - 17 Apr 1881, Webster, NY” *). Thus he posted “Why was the 1st. two children of Stephen and Rebecca given the ethnicity of Canadian?” However "Canadian" was not given for rest of children born per "New Hampshire Birth & Death Records"* Could an answer be that the father of Stephen Cobb was an immigrant through or from Canada or thought to be so? My limited file for those Cobb individuals and families found either born or located in Canada has no Stephen Cobb (yet).

[* However, in review of the posting and children affected, a few (3?) of the female children are listed as "Canadian" in ethnicity but not all and it does not apply to his sons (other than the first son Stephen Cobb who died young). So, for those children, the Canadian ethnicity part may be suspect or an error.]

The following is an unfinished but laborious effort to document Stephen Cobb’s descendant line as provided on "Cobb & Cobbs" website. Any comments, corrections or additional family info welcome to update the family line.